47. John Vespasian – Travelling to Russia

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hermitage-st-petersburg-russiaIn this Luxury Travel Podcast episode, Allen Suss speaks with John Vespasian about his first time travelling to Russia and the city of  St. Petersburg.

John talks about the beautiful city of St. Petersburg and how it has been preserved over the past years, as well as all the amazing things he has witnessed and experienced during an 11 day visit to the country.

He said that for a non-English speaking country, it was not difficult communicating in hotels, restaurants and around different tourist spots. He was also initially worried about the food since it was his first time in Russia, but surprisingly he found the food amazing. And that there were restaurants serving local food found from all the different Russian territories which he highly recommends.

People often spend 2-3 days visiting this country, but according to John, you would need to spend at least a week to really witness and admire all the art, history and culture of the country.

Who is John Vespasian?

John Vespasian is from Holland and this is his first time travelling to Russia. He’s an author of personal development books based on history.

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