12. Experienced Traveller – Alex Pellizzoni

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Alex Pellizzoni - Travel TipsAlex Pellizzoni has been in the minerals processing and related industries for the past thirty years and recently retired (April 2016).

He has held senior positions in Australia, Asia and Europe and since 1985 and since 1998 has been responsible for his Group’s strategic raw material procurement, based in Australia but with worldwide responsibility.

Alex has travelled extensively over the years and is typically away from home around 50% of the year.

Destinations range from Asia, including China and India, South America, United States, Africa and Europe.

Alex’s company is headquartered in Valencia Spain where he would visit at least five times per year, every year.

His preferred (and almost exclusive) airline for long distance travel is Singapore Airlines which, quite apart from the safety and service aspects, it is the airline which provides him with the most flexible schedule (four flights per day to/from Melbourne) and with a very wide variety of connections from Singapore to the rest of the world.

Alex plans to continue to travel, mainly for leisure and enjoyment and intends to visit more ‘unusual’ destinations in Middle East, Eastern Europe and in Central Asia.

In this interview, Alex shares many of the travel secrets he’s learned over his many years of travel. It’s obvious, as you listen to Alex, that he has a lot of travel experience and wisdom to impart.

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