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Allen Suss is the host of Luxury Travel Podcast and Australia's most trusted travel agent. With over 40 years of travel experience, and unrivaled customer care, make sure you contact Allen on +61 433 203 713 to book your next getaway.

49. Kate Foster – Scenic

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scenic luxury cruises & tours

scenic luxury cruises & tours

In this Luxury Travel Podcast episode, Allen Suss discusses luxury cruising with Kate Foster of Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours.

From humble beginnings to world-renowned luxury cruise and tour operator. In 2016 Scenic celebrated 30 years as a leader in its field. The Scenic team has worked tirelessly to earn a world-class reputation. Creating and delivering the ultimate cruising and touring itineraries for travelers who seek wondrous experiences and exceptional 5-star service.

European cruise is something that any traveler should experience. It is vastly different from the land tours as Kate mentioned. You are also in for a treat when you cruise with Scenic Luxury Cruises & Tours. Everything is rated 5-star from accommodations to the food which ridiculous in the best possible way. The meals are prepared on board by world class chefs in state of the art kitchens and everything is always guaranteed 5-star.

Solo travelers are also encouraged to check out their Pre-release programs as it offers big discounts to as much as 50% for selected tours. Grab this opportunity now to travel in luxury at a humble price!

48. Toni Kosmarikas – Finnair

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Toni-Kosmarikas - Finnair

Toni-Kosmarikas - FinnairIn this Luxury Travel Podcast episode, Allen Suss discusses luxury travelling with Toni Kosmarikas of Finnair Airlines.

Finnair is the first European airline to fly the new fabulous A350 XWB aircraft (with extra wide body). With bigger windows, newly designed overhead storage bins, less curved sidewalls and LED mood lighting there is more space and light in the cabin. Our redesigned entertainment system and Wi-Fi makes the travel experience truly new and exciting. New Airbus A350 XWB operate on Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo route and also in rotation on Singapore and Seoul route.

Business Class passengers, Economy Comfort passengers, and Finnair Plus Gold members can enjoy free complimentary internet access for one hour straight any time during the flight. For Finnair Plus Platinum members, there is complimentary internet for the whole flight. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, you will always travel smoothly and arrive at your destination well rested. Learn all about the different amenities, cheap deals, and smooth transit they have to offer that will surely make any travel, a luxury.

47. John Vespasian – Travelling to Russia

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hermitage-st-petersburg-russiaIn this Luxury Travel Podcast episode, Allen Suss speaks with John Vespasian about his first time travelling to Russia and the city of  St. Petersburg.

John talks about the beautiful city of St. Petersburg and how it has been preserved over the past years, as well as all the amazing things he has witnessed and experienced during an 11 day visit to the country.

He said that for a non-English speaking country, it was not difficult communicating in hotels, restaurants and around different tourist spots. He was also initially worried about the food since it was his first time in Russia, but surprisingly he found the food amazing. And that there were restaurants serving local food found from all the different Russian territories which he highly recommends.

People often spend 2-3 days visiting this country, but according to John, you would need to spend at least a week to really witness and admire all the art, history and culture of the country.

Who is John Vespasian?

John Vespasian is from Holland and this is his first time travelling to Russia. He’s an author of personal development books based on history.

46. Andrew Gelbart – Travelling Indochina

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Andrew-GelbartIn this Luxury Travel Podcast episode, Allen Suss discusses the beauty of travelling Indochina – Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia with his friend Andrew Gelbart.

Andrew loves to travel a lot around the globe with his wife, and sometimes are accompanied by their own private photographer to capture every memorable moment during their travels.

He mentions that when travelling, It is best to communicate with the locals to truly understand the people, culture, and history of the places you are visiting. In this podcast, he shares his own experiences in travelling Indochina with his wife and friends. And despite all the blogs out there sharing their travel experiences with their readers, Andrew only had one thing to say, “There’s nothing like seeing it for yourself.”

45. Adam Schwab – Luxury Escapes

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Adam Schwab Luxury Escapes

Adam Schwab Luxury EscapesIn this Luxury Travel Podcast episode, Allen Suss discusses luxury travelling with Adam Schwab of Luxury Escapes.

Luxury Escapes has customers across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, the US and the UK. It is based in Melbourne and was founded in 2009 by Jeremy Same and Adam Schwab.