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G AdventuresIn this podcast interview with Stephanie Beard, we find out more about travelling with G Adventures

What’s different¬†about G Adventures?

G Adventures specialises in small-group adventure travel. What is really special about that is that you’ll be able to see areas of the world that you just can’t get to on a group coach tour.

What is really special about G Adventures is that they are a sustainable travel company. They like to positively affect, through tourism, the areas they travel to.

When you travel with G, they have sustainable travel programs throughout the world that you can give back to, just by travelling to the area.

Where is the G Adventures head office?

The head office is in Toronto, Canada.

G Adventures started 25 years ago, by founder Bruce Poon Tip. They now have 23 offices in 15 countries.

Some of the offices (Toronto, London and Melbourne) are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who travels with G Adventures?

G takes all age groups. They look for people with open minds and open hearts and want to experience a culture, history and want to immerse themselves in the destination.

It’s for those that want to get off the beaten track, something a little different, a little more intimate.

G Adventures has numerous travel styles. They cater to the younger crowds with budget hostels, all the way through to 4.5 star accommodation and river cruises.

Which destinations does G Adventures travel to?

With National Geographic journeys they have 70 different itineraries ranging from South America, where they are very popular, a lot through Europe, and a lot through Asia.

What happens if a tour has a lack of numbers?

The best thing about travelling with G is that all their tours are 100% guaranteed. A tour will never be cancelled due to lack of numbers.

If you are the only person booked on a tour, that tour will still go ahead!

Also, if you pay a deposit and you need to cancel or postpone, your deposit is not lost! It stays in credit against your name for your lifetime.

If you decide to not travel again, for whatever reason, you can transfer that deposit credit to someone else.

About Stephanie Beard

Steph has been in the travel industry for 6 years, starting in travel wholesale.

Moving to the retail travel industry, Steph has been with G Adventures for 4 months now and the Global Service Specialist (GPS).

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