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In this podcast episode, Allen Suss speaks with Stuart Catterson of The Golf Touring Company about golf tours Australia has available to them.

About The Golf Touring Company

golf tours australiaHaving entered into a very saturated market, The Golf Touring Company knew that they must have a Unique Selling Proposition or it would be a very tough road ahead.

They do have a few ‘aces’ up their sleeve to make their tours a bit more appealing than their competitors…

  • Every tour they host comes with a teaching pro accompanying the trip
  • On groups of 20+, there is complimentary entertainment (comedian/magician) that is always very well received (esp in remote destinations)
  • They have access to a wide & varied group of sporting celebrities that help make the event that little bit special…and not paying silly money!
  • They have a great connection/offer for the British Open and US Masters that they can’t divulge in advertising…but well worth asking about!

The Golf Touring Company have covered pretty much everything to make any corporate client/golf club/general public tour that little bit different and definitely more memorable!

About Stuart Catterson

Stuart Catterson prides himself on being the creator of the WORLDS FIRST GOLF RIVER CRUISE which charters the whole boat – celebrity hosts – teaching professionals on board – special Q & A`s – themed entertainment.

Stuart is an multi award winning, 30 year veteran of the travel industry with a reputation for thinking outside of the box for solutions and ideas.

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