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Kay and her husband recently returned from an extensive tour of India, and in this interview with Allen Suss they share some inside India travel advice.

Which Indian highlight was the most outstanding?

India Travel AdviceThe 7-day river cruise of the Ganges out of Kolkata. Each day we stopped at different villages. Not only the stops were memorable but it was the atmosphere and the staff on the ship.

They made beautiful Indian food, and at each stop, the staff accompanied Kay and the tourists and showed them village life and temple.

Everything was made so enjoyable and Kay felt well-protected and beautifully looked after.

Tour guides were always on deck who would point out natural and historical sites.

All along the Ganges you can see the locals using the river. It was very alive.

The ship accommodation was very modern. Kay’s cabin was above average. It was very comfortable. You had everything you needed and couldn’t complain.

What are the Indian People Like?

They were absolutely wonderful. Very friendly. Yes, we did have our guides around us, protecting us, but those we got close to were very nice. Very warm, very respectful.

How did you find the Indian Gardens?

India is very beautiful, if they could just keep it beautiful without all the dirt and rubbish!

There’s lots of very beautiful places, like a resort we visited down south. It had a meandering pool that went around all the resort villages.

The flower market in Kolkata was a real eye-opener. The flowers were extravagant and magnificent.

How did you find the Indian food?

I love the food in India while others I travelled with were¬†like, “Uh! Not Indian food again!”. I thought, “Well, we are in India!”

I wanted to try everything, including the Indian breakfasts. The food is not just hot. They are old-fashioned good cooks. They mix their foods magnificently.

They cook everyday. They buy fresh produce everyday.

They don’t have a lot of meat. It’s too expensive.

They do use fish. They use a lot of vegetarian.

You don’t need meat as they make the most fabulous vegetarian. It’s a pleasure to eat as they mix the spices just beautifully.

More India Travel Advice…

There’s a lot more India travel advice Kay shares in this excellent interview. Enjoy!


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