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Travelling to Ireland or thinking about doing so? There’s some great Ireland travel tips in this interview where Allen speaks with long-time friend and client, Fred Gillen.

Fred’s Ireland Travel Tips

Ireland Travel Tips - Fred GillenFred flew to Ireland with Eithad Airways. The planes are clean, the seats comfortable, the customer service excellent. They fly direct to Ireland from Abu Dhabi which is a bonus it is not via London.

Fred and his wife grew up in Ireland so they didn’t do a lot of touring. Dublin has changed a lot over the years and become more modern, but outside of Dublin, the country hasn’t changed too much.

While they do speak English in Ireland, some of the dialects in Ireland, and the way some of the country people speak, it can be hard to understand.

Travelling around on the main roads is easy. There are freeways and motorways linking all the majors. You can drive from Belfast to Dublin in about an hour and a half.

Driving around the country roads is different because the roads are pretty narrow. If you’re driving yourself you need to be careful as the locals know the roads, they know the bends, and they tend to use the roads as a motorway!

It’s a small country so going from one side of the country to another doesn’t take long at all. There’s lots of public transport and guided tours for tourists.

Why Should You Consider Travelling to Ireland?

It’s a totally different lifestyle. It’s faster in the cities than in Australia, but when you get out into the countryside, the people are laid back.

If you go into a pub in the countryside, the locals will want to know where you’re from and what you’re doing. Not because they are inquisitive, but because they want to make sure you have a good time, get you involved in the local activities, and give you advice on what to see and where to go.

A lot of Europe is like that, but Ireland in particular.

There is a lot of variety in Ireland, even though it is a small country. You can go from one end to the other and see totally different structures, land-forms and mountains.

Fred’s Favourite Places to Visit in Ireland

  • Connemara – old-world charm
  • Galway
  • Spittle

About Fred Gillen

Fred recently started an online radio show to help entrepreneurs and business owners get more Internet presence. His expertise is to help businesses with their processes and marketing.

Fred’s website: http://radio.abi.com.au

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