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Kempinski Hotel BudpestIn today’s podcast, Allen Suss talks with Kempinski Hotel Budapest Director of Sales, Alexandra Schmidt, live from the hotel’s dining room.

What is special about Budapest?

Discovering Budapest is like opening a jewellery box. In every part of Budapest you’ll find something interesting from architecture, history, gastronomy life (including Michelin star restaurants and the street food scene).

Hungary’s wine selection is a hidden gem. Hungarian wines are of excellent quality but are not well-known as it isn’t exported.

What are the top 3 things people should know before coming to Budapest?

Know what events are happening for each season. The winter-time is a great time to come to Budapest to experience the famous Christmas markets. The markets start in the beginning of November and finish at the end of December.

Another reason to visit in the winter-time is to experience the thermal baths, which are very relaxing.

How much time does a visitor need to explore Budapest?

You can see a lot of the museums, wineries and the Balaton Lake, and the beautiful mountain sceneries within 3 to 4 days.

What’s great about Hungary is that it is centrally-located country within Europe.

The language barrier for English-speaking tourists is getting less and less in Hungary with the younger generation learning and using English in school.

What possible problems might tourists face when travelling in Hungary?

The exchange rate, because of the Hungarian currency.

What preparation do you need to make to come to Budapest?

There is nothing you need to do to prepare, except to expect to have a good time!

Make sure you bring your bathing suit for the thermal baths.

About Alexandra Schmidt – Kempinski Hotel Budapest

Started in Kempinski’s sales department for 4 years at the Budapest hotel, then spent some time at a Kempinski property in Malta before returning again to Kempinski Hotel Budapest after some extensive remodelling of the hotel.

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