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Why Should Travellers Use One Fine Stay

One Fine Stay - Lauren JansmaOne Fine Stay is giving people access to a slice of the market that, up until recently, was not available. It is playing in the home sharing space but in a controlled and curated way.

When people want to visit key cities around the world, and they want to immerse themselves more in the culture, and have a real home as opposed to staying in a hotel but they don’t want the risks and hassles involved with traditional home rentals, then One Fine Stay is a sweet marriage of the two!

One Fine Stay’s properties are privately owned, upscale homes and apartments in key cities.

One Fine Stay’s Website

The website is: http://www.onefinestay.com/

The website lists all 2,500 properties that are managed by One Fine Stay, all around the globe. All the photos of every property listed on the website are taken by One Fine Stay themselves which is a testament to the fact that they personally visit, inspect and vet every home on their books.

Where are One Fine Stay’s home predominantly located?

Most of the homes are in London with over 1,200 homes there. After that there are about 500 homes in New York, and about 500 in Paris.

In Los Angeles there are 200 home available.

New locations include Rome (about 40 homes available there) and Miami (about 30 homes).

Why would you stay in a One Fine Stay home rather that an upmarket hotel?

There are a few reasons, include:

  • You get to more fully immerse yourself in the culture of the city
  • You get to have a glimpse of what it is to live like a local
  • You have more space and amenities, e.g. a fully-equipped kitchen
  • Works well for families or groups of friends travelling together

About One Fine Stay’s Lauren Jansma

Lauren never imaged that she would end up working in the travel industry. Lauren grew up in South Africa and studied finance. When Lauren moved to Australia she got bitten by the travel bug and there was no turning back!

Last year, Lauren was head-hunted by One Fine Stay to start up their new Sydney office in Australia.

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