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30. Berlin – John Vespasian

Here’s some great tips and insights for anyone travelling to Berlin: Getting around Berlin is easy with their extensive public transport system. The tramways are a great way to see the city. Berlin has magnificent museums. Inside these museums you can see Greek temples reassembled stone by stone, antiquities from ancient Egypt, and buildings from

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29. Discover the World – Marilu Vitale

In today’s episode of the Luxury Travel Podcast, Allen Suss speaks with Marilu Vitale of Discover the World. The team at Discover the World are big on Ideas and are passionate about their work. With a global presence and local expertise they pride ourselves on client satisfaction and as a result, hold a track record

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27. One Fine Stay – Lauren Jansma

Why Should Travellers Use One Fine Stay One Fine Stay is giving people access to a slice of the market that, up until recently, was not available. It is playing in the home sharing space but in a controlled and curated way. When people want to visit key cities around the world, and they want

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26. Kempinski Hotel Budapest – Alexandra Schmidt

In today’s podcast, Allen Suss talks with Kempinski Hotel Budapest Director of Sales, Alexandra Schmidt, live from the hotel’s dining room. What is special about Budapest? Discovering Budapest is like opening a jewellery box. In every part of Budapest you’ll find something interesting from architecture, history, gastronomy life (including Michelin star restaurants and the street

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25. African Wildlife Safaris – Rolf Huber

An African safari is a MUST for your bucket list. In this interview with Allen Suss, Rolf Huber of African Wildlife Safaris talks about this unique travelling experience. Which areas does African Wildlife Safaris operate in? African Wildlife Safaris cover east Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda), southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Mosambique and

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24. Rail Plus Part 2 – Nicki Schleibs

Want to travel Europe with rail? In this exclusive interview with Nicki Schleibs of Rail Plus we continue to find out more about the many different options available… What are some of the train journeys available and in which countries? There are a lot of different options, and probably a lot that many people don’t

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23. Rail Plus – Nicki Schleibs

In today’s podcast episode, Allen Suss speaks with Nicki Schleibs of Rail Plus about the advantages of travelling rail within Europe. What is Rail Plus? Rail Plus is a rail wholesaler. They started in the late 1980’s as a travel agency for a big bank, but then slowly moved away from that and moved into

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22. G Adventures – Stephanie Beard

In this podcast interview with Stephanie Beard, we find out more about travelling with G Adventures… What’s different about G Adventures? G Adventures specialises in small-group adventure travel. What is really special about that is that you’ll be able to see areas of the world that you just can’t get to on a group coach tour.

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21. Regent Seven Seas Cruises – Annabelle Brown

Want to travel in absolute style and luxury, then you’ll want to listen to this interview with Annabelle and Allen about Regent Seven Seas cruises… What is exciting about Regent Seven Seas Cruises? They are the most beautiful ships. What we call ‘6-star luxury’. You’ll have amazing experience aboard these luxurious ships that sail to

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