10. Travelling Antwerp and Scotland with Peter and Pam

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Thinking of travelling Antwerp and/or Scotland? Then make sure you listen to this podcast with Peter and Pam.

Peter and Pam are clients of Allen that enjoy their overseas travel and sharing the tips they’ve learned along the way, and especially while travelling Antwerp.

Now in their early sixties, Peter and Pam have more time now to go to places and experience things haven’t before.

Travelling Antwerp with Peter and Pam

Peter and Pam where told that Antwerp was a very small city and probably not a good tourist destination but there was so much to see and do there.

Antwerp had them entranced!

Peter and Pam outside the Antwerp Central Train Station

Beautiful old buildings, cathedrals and marketplaces. Especially the Antwerp Central railway station. It’s like a palace.

Antwerp is one of the centres for gold and diamonds in the world.

There’s a whole street dedicated to the diamond trade. Beautiful gems on display in the window. The shop owners try to drag you in!

Antwerp is also known for it’s chocolate. The chocolate delicacies are so exquisite you feel guilty eating them.

Chocolates we would consider high-end here, you can buy in the supermarkets there.

Do They Speak English in Antwerp?

Almost everywhere, particular in the larger towns, English is a second language this spoken widely and very well by the locals.

Peter and Pam travelling Antwerp

The 8-day Rhine River Cruise

Their suggestions are to try all the different food there is available, get off at all the stops and explore the different destinations, and travel light.

Yes, there is Internet on the river cruises.

For money they used travel cards (Euro) and had Euro cash on them also.

Peter and Pam in Scotland

The Orkney islands in Scotland are beautiful and lightly populated. The snow was light. Countryside is rugged and full of history. The age of buildings recently discovered are very ancient.

You can get up close and there are no fences around sites, and not many people visit there.

Peter and Pam travelled to Orkney by a flight from Edinburgh. They could of caught a boat but decided to go by plane.

There is no dedicated runway, so traffic has to stop when planes come in!

Peter and Pam recommend travellers to go to Orkney Islands. The only thing to be aware of is that dinner bookings need to be made in advance.

When travelling in the UK, be aware that the British Pound currency is not accepted in all areas. It is accepted in the major towns though.

Another thing you need to be aware of is that when you book a car, you need to show your return flight tickets.

Hire the smallest car that you can, as many roads are very narrow and have coarse stone walls on either side.

Also, book your train tickets as early as possible as the later you leave it, the more you pay. Sometimes, train fares can literally double overnight.

Final tips from Peter and Pam

Bookings for accommodation and car hire in Edinburgh need to be booked in early for availablility. Also the Isle of Sky.

Don’t have yourself too tightly scheduled in at other places as you might decide to stay longer and many places you visit.

Pack light and check the weather conditions beforehand.

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