14. World Traveller: 90 Years Old and Still Going! – Patricia Segal

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Patricia Segal is a world traveller in her 90’s and loves to travel. While she used to travel with her husband (who was never keen on travelling), she now travels alone and in travel groups as he is not able to travel now.

Patricia has been to so many places now has problems finding places she hasn’t travelled to!

Patricia’s Travel Experiences

Some of Patricia’s recent travels have taken her to:

  • Cuba
  • Myanmar
  • Sri Lanka
  • Italy
  • Alaska
  • Finland
  • Egypt

The place that Patricia loves most is Europe. Berlin was interesting. All the Rhine cities are the same.

Patricia’s next getaway is going to be on a river cruise down the Ganges leaving from Calcutta, India.

Patricia recently went to Sicily and loved the scenery, the people and the food. Particular the breakfast. So many different cakes to choose from!

In her trip to Cuba she did home stays for accommodation. She had lobster almost every night, and beer also. The meals were huge! They had nice rooms with interesting bedspreads. It was much better than staying in hotels.

She swam in the Bay of Pigs. The water was fantastic. The nightlife in Cuba starts about 11pm.

Sri Lanka is highly recommended. Patricia went with a friend. They were offered a car but they chose a van instead as they could sit higher and in the front. The cost was minimal.

The Sri Lankan hotels are unbelievable. Much better than in Australia. Extremely opulent.

Are You a World Traveller Looking for a Companion?

Patricia loves meeting new people as she travels. Would love a travelling companion but all her friends are not able to travel with her.

Patricia’s favourite place in all her travels is Venice. She loves sitting around and watching the people go by. She is a people-watcher. It would be nice to travel with someone and talk about the people they are watching.

If you’re also a world traveller and would like to travel with Patricia, she lives in Sydney. Contact Allen Suss at allens@travelmanagers.com.au or on 0433 203 713 and he’ll organise an introduction.

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