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16. SeaDream Yacht Club – Julie Denovan

What makes SeaDream Yacht Club special? One thing is that it is family-owned. SeaDream Yacht Club is owned by a Norwegian businessman who has had interest in ships for decades. Because it is family owned, you don’t get the corporate ‘cookie-cutter’ approach. Travelling with SeaDream is a unique experience. SeaDream Yacht Club is also an exclusive

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15. Albatross Tours – Les Cox

In this podcast interview, Allen talks with Les Cox of Albatross Tours. He’s been in the travel industry for a long, long time, and what he doesn’t know is not worth knowing. Born and bred in East London, left after school to join the Royal Navy which he was in for 5 years and which

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14. World Traveller: 90 Years Old and Still Going! – Patricia Segal

Patricia Segal is a world traveller in her 90’s and loves to travel. While she used to travel with her husband (who was never keen on travelling), she now travels alone and in travel groups as he is not able to travel now. Patricia has been to so many places now has problems finding places

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13. Balkan Travel Tips – Jim Sweeney

Are you travelling to the Balkans? In this exclusive interview we get to talk with sports personality, Jim Sweeney, who has some very insightful Balkan travel tips that he is more than eager to share. Jim and his wife have travelled to many countries. They love to travel and have visited more than 60 different

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12. Experienced Traveller – Alex Pellizzoni

Alex Pellizzoni has been in the minerals processing and related industries for the past thirty years and recently retired (April 2016). He has held senior positions in Australia, Asia and Europe and since 1985 and since 1998 has been responsible for his Group’s strategic raw material procurement, based in Australia but with worldwide responsibility. Alex has travelled extensively

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11. Crooked Compass – Lisa Pagotto

Besides having personally traveled to almost 100 countries (Lisa’s goal is to visit every country in the world), Crooked Compass’ founder, Lisa Pagotta has been in the travel and tourism industry all her life. In this interview with Lisa, we talk about how Crooked Compass was born and which type of traveller it is designed

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10. Travelling Antwerp and Scotland with Peter and Pam

Thinking of travelling Antwerp and/or Scotland? Then make sure you listen to this podcast with Peter and Pam. Peter and Pam are clients of Allen that enjoy their overseas travel and sharing the tips they’ve learned along the way, and especially while travelling Antwerp. Now in their early sixties, Peter and Pam have more time

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9. Basque Country – Txaro Mardaratz Nájera

Looking to travel Basque Country? In this interview we speak with Basque Country travel expert, Txaro Mardaratz Nájera to learn more about this European jewel. Why Travel Basque Country? Basque Country may be a small country but it has a powerful identity. Basque enjoys a privileged geographic location, in the green north of Spain, with everything in a

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8. Ponant Cruises and Expeditions – Julie Rogers

Cruise liners are the first point of call when travellers consider taking to the seas, though sometimes a different, more exclusive sea travel experience, like Ponant cruises, is calling. Today I’m talking with Ponant’s Julie Rogers. Ponant specialise in luxurious yacht expeditions that deliver on a more intimate and human level. What makes Ponant cruises different? There’s

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7. Buffalo Tours – Matthew Edwards

Matthew Edwards has over 20 years of experience working within the travel industry. Beyond his work within travel, Matthew is also an avid traveller himself. This passion brought him to Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia on what eventually became some of his favourite journeys around the globe! Ask Matthew his favourite part

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